Changelog MIUI ROM 2.7.27 Changelog

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I can't find the magnifying glass settings on SGS2 under full settings > Language & Input....where is it? I suppose SGS2 doesn't have that feature?

It must not then. Some of the patchrom devices don't get the features.
Nexus that had and now its gone... also no option to enable magnifying glass...

  • Added "Show on map" function to image details pages

this "show on map" function is not getting highlighted after taking pictures on S2...i mean we should be able to see the location tagged on maps of where the picture has been taken its not working...anyone else have the same problem
where is this option available i went in settings> language & input and i cant find any option for magnifying text selection...for my device S2..

S3 also dont have this new feature....sigh

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