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Did a clean install - everything went smooth. The themes issue on S2 seems to have been sorted out - I was able to apply a theme that themed the contacts, dialer, notifications panel... in short entire framework. However, on the downside, the phone heats up excessively when charging. I never encountered this issue on earlier builds. I am using the Siyah v3.3.2+, dual booting CM9 RC1 as a secondary ROM - I use this for testing MODS. Please do let me know if anyone else is facing the same issue or I will check if the issue is resolved with a different kernel.
I am on the galaxy nexus and I do have the same issue as yours. Phone over heats while charging.

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I have one question that I didn't ask before because I just did a complete wipe on the phone (due to a failed theme) and it is the first time I notice it.
Next to my carriers name there is an @ what does that mean? It was never there before.
See the screen shot.


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