Release MIUI ROM 2.7.13

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Nov 6, 2010
A new version has been posted!

Status: Released

98c132be2b134e027b280460b70a4dd2 (Nexus S (gsm))
fc8574fbbd580a9696c72d96678f4da6 (HTC One X (gsm))
6a369c87ad46c335ff872c834e0cf0ce (Samsung SGS2)
94b6e195ed2ad932eebcaf8abc15b14f (Huawei Honor)
9d17e640d7c2a437e249328a4df0fe16 (Huawei Ascend P1)
bfd8cf071d536b1a8cd485aec58eb769 (Sony Arc S)
ed2ef8c17fa695e1712bf00a1b37ce03 (Samsung SGS3)
15bac52b9ee2f58eefbaa8984b123c3c (Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM)
504a05883751dfc3a867fa92bc08f6dc (HTC Sensation)
ccd549f8e5e6a084ecc1214e45fe4eaa (Moto RAZR)
7a31577b157e281896941ed7b99d3f30 (HTC One S (gsm))
0f550b239d31fcb884812259a9638d68 (Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus)
27d0b42c9fe75f8cc013d5bfb62269c9 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE)


Guys, i wan't to enable cloud sms and so on, but confirmation sms won't come to my Latvian mobile operator, what can i do with this?
do you guys realise that enabling the SMS cloud thing will store your personal messages on a chinese server that is controled by a chinese company that didn't even release the source code and never said what will eventually happen with the stored data??? just wondering...

Please correct me if i'm wrong
I thought MIUI was available for Galaxy Nexus, yet I can't find it within the ROM section. Well couldn't, there are obviously no ROMs currently up.
No it has chinese and english but not translated maybe as much as this version and this might have changes that works better for the rest of the world :)
Alright, but in that case I'm back to square one. I didn't find a Galaxy Nexus ROM of MIUI here when I checked yesterday.
first i also got not found press f5 maybe helps.
but downloaded arc s rom and its ony 352 KB ? is this right or...
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