Release MIUI ROM 2.7.13

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Switch on phone
Enter CWM
Maybe you have made a backup before flashing? Then restore.
If not: Wipe cache, dalvik cache, try to boot.

If won't work:
Enter CWM again, wipe cache, dalvik, reflash firmware (might take an older version)

If won't work
Enter CWM
Clear cache, dalvik an all data
Flash firmware (last working version)

Don't know how to enter CWM on HTC, have SGS2, but use google .-)
Hope it will workout

thnx i didnt made a backup .
but i restored it, glad i still had the exe file on the root.
Why not give an update MIUI the ZTE Blade? is an awesome device even containing CyanogenMod MIUI is one of the best roms for android;)
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