Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.17 Changelog and JellyBean!

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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Today is another landmark day, the Google Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are being upgraded to Android 4.1.1 today!

NO ETA for other devices, we are waiting for Qualcomm in regard to the Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus.

Thanks to iBotPeaches and ingbrizy for fixing the Network Unknown and FC Phone Status issues! :)

Full changelog follows:

  • Upgrade Google Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.1.1 JellyBean
  • Optimise the telephone recording interface prompt position adjustment (720P devices)
  • Fix deleted contacts, T9 search can still find contact entries when searching
  • Repair of CDMA mobile phones direct dial the extension number, the call page number highlighted the wrong info
  • Fix a few special circumstances leading to FC errors
  • Fix in some cases, T9 search finds less than actual total contacts
  • Fix some of SIM cards only display the name of one listed contacts
  • Fix contact cannot be deleted when the name contains "," via call log
  • "Rebuild T9 search index" feature added in the new code to resolve some cases when contacts still cannot be searched
  • New first boot function, first time loading does not display by default SIM card contacts
  • Added on first load of application contacts, you can direct the use of Xiaomi account contacts
  • Optimise large font mode, the phone records will show the effect
  • Optimisation of large font mode, contact details page "Name" and "work info" display
  • Optimisation, no longer display the menu of options for "Group" and "Favorites" page or "bulk delete"
  • Fixed unusually rare issue, SMS sync results in the amount of traffic used
  • Fix using without SIM card, SMS synchronisation, the system does not automatically go into standby
  • Browsing wallpaper, does not load preview, temporarily displays thumbnail before displaying
  • Optimise the mix and match page layout design
  • Optimise theme details page full-screen preview animations
  • Optimise layout of the icons and fonts in the mix and match interface
  • Fix online resource details page, click continue to the next theme will not get more resources
  • Fix in some cases, online wallpaper application results in failure issues
  • Fix in some cases, application does not work after boot of music application
  • Fix process of the preview loading prompt
  • Fix returning from details page, you cannot fall-back to the correct list of resource items
  • Fix in some cases, the theme details page number indicator will disappear
  • Fix in some cases, the theme details page clicking on the page does not load causing FC error
  • New video player UI
  • Optimisation on the phone icon and display
  • Optimise slide left to view picture, jumping interface problems
  • Fix problem being unable to play video files from Album folders
  • Fix some of the app cannot use the library to open picture attachments
  • Fix phone part of the OOM error
  • Fix browse pictures page, decoding failure when the picture has been rotated / edited
  • New music lyric function, Baidu lyrics support added
  • Added support to turn off backup encryption (see Backup Settings)
[File Manager]
  • New file compression and decompression functions (zip format only for now)
  • Fix selecting to send files to the MiDrive from other apps leads to FC errors
  • Added support for read mode to support bookmark management
  • Optimise support backing up notes including pictures
  • Fix when in edit mode, multi-marquee position displays an error
[Alarm clock]
  • Fix large font mode interface display problems
Do my eyes deceive me? Jelly bean already!? I expected it with the next phone. I'm incredibly excited! Please port this one to Toro, Ryan! Does it come with Google Now also?
Where is the recommended new launcher?
Anyway, JB is good.

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Wow Jelly bean support already. Glad to have a galaxy nexus. I'm really interested in seeing how fluent the rom is now, because the older versions weren't as fluent as the other roms were. Because of that I only flashed to see how the rom improved, but went back to other roms...

Cant wait to get home and flash.
Finally i can come back to miui the last 2 ics release where heavy but with project butter it's going to be a speed demon with great looks thanks miui and happy birthday!
Is network operators selection and phone status FC fixed? Couldn't find it in changelog. Thx!
Is network operators selection and phone status FC fixed? Couldn't find it in changelog. Thx!
i thought that it was only in the Chinese version caused by the radio drivers i didn't know that it was also in the miuiandroid one, if this is the case i hope they fix it, in my last flash i could not set an operator even in auto mode unless without flashing a custom radio or a new kernel and trust it's frustrating with more that 5 editions for gsm/LTE models plus regional restrictions

any way for nexus s users here is the link with the radio files i thing some of them also works with galaxy s but i don't remeber you can search in xda to find out
P.S. i don't know if it works with jb since i didn't have any issues and i didn't need to search for solution


Binaries for Nexus Phones
No, this has nothing to do with radio, it was because of missing some strings in arrays.xml file in miui framework. According to my info this has been committed into github so hopefully it will be fixed ;-)

Edit: I got newest info from ingbrzy that there were some issues with changing nexus phones to JB so they had to remove this fix from repository so most probably this will not be fixed in this release :-( We'll see...
Btw, has anybody know what is miui desktop launcher? I didn't get it from the video :)
imagine a full interactive desktop where everything you touch is a launcher like the hud display of ironman's helmet with out the ultraviolet, infra-red and other channels, touch a glass with vodka and a menu popes out with info about the brand etc. but instead of that the desktop changes by the theme and by touching an element you activate it's menu and if you can also add more elements it's going to be a blast!
using the chinese rom as usual because im in china.

tried the angry birds new free (freedom) launcher thing, have to say its quite annoying, maybe cuz its angry birds.

lets see what themes we get later on, tho i prob won't be using it i prefer my cellphone light..
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