Xiaomi MIUIAndroid.com heading to Xiaomi next week

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Nov 6, 2010
Hi guys,

As most of you will know next week is a big event for Xiaomi at the Beijing National Conference Center on the 5th September 2013.

MIUIAndroid.com has been invited to attend the conference and I will be flying out as a representative of this site's Admin team comprising of iBotPeaches, ingbrzy, Acid and Pele and other porting devs like bmarko and TreyM etc etc.
We are really all excited about the upcoming product releases Xiaomi have in store for us and cannot wait to get hands on with products and network with some influential people within Xiaomi such as the newly appointed Hugo Barra and others such as Hong Feng and Lin Bin / Lei Jun.

As part of the trip I will also be meeting up with our partner sites owner from iBuyGou.com to discuss plans relating to the sale of Xiaomi products from Europe. This is an amazing opportunity for us to go and meet our peers who we have followed and talked to almost daily via QQ / Email and other methods. MIUIAndroid.com was founded on openess and community and it's something we will be talking to the top people at Xiaomi about when myself and iBuyGou.com CEO, King.

Hopefully you'll catch us either at the Conference or via Video link (if they do it this year ;D) we will also try to cover the news as near to live as possible if we can get a good VPN :)

Thanks and we thank every 70+ k users of this site for their support now and over the last few years!

Mark & Team

Awesome news, hope you have a good trip. The prospect of Xiaomi products for sale closer to home sounds great.
very good news, im really happy that all your efforts for miui its appreciated by xiaomi, and hopefully with new changes we can get a more open policy toward current and future xiaomi devices (yeah kernel)

well deserved hopefully new and exciting things happen for miuiand android in general
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Hope to see Xiaomi in Italy officially!

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Have a nice trip!! and please tell Xiaomi that we love their product and want it to be available in our country.. especially Indonesia:D
Good luck Mark, enjoy the trip, I'm sure it will be amazing. See you on you'll be back in Europe ;)
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