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[ROM][JB][4.3][2013-12-29] CyanogenMod 10.2

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MI2(s)' started by M1cha, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    Ok, say goodbye to xiaomi - you have a Google Nexus device now!!

    Well, CM10.2 is nice but that's not all this is about.
    I've build this with the aim to have max compatibility with Nexus 4 sources and that really was a success.
    I'm using device repository, kernel source and 90% of the proprietaries from Nexus 4.

    What does that mean to the Users?
    You have maximum stability, security and speed and you'll get the latest Android versions at least as long as Google supports the Nexus 4.

    What does that mean to the Developers?
    Google did a very good job with the code style of the device. It's clean and easy to understand.
    The changes that we need for MI2 are that minimal that we should be able to port any Nexus 4 ROM or kernel within hours.

    Messages to xiaomi:
    1) IN YOUR FACE!!
    2) Your hardware is great but if you want a quality product you should talk with your software developers about their code style.
    It's NOT ok to replace drivers with old versions to "fix" them.
    And it's also not good to keep tons of old useless stuff inside the code which is bad for performance.
    And please stop giving proprietary binaries root permissions for no reason!!!

    Back to topic:
    You can discuss issues in this topic ofc, but pls create them on github, too so I don't have to read 100 pages again to check if I've forgot sth.

    Just flash the zip via CWM

    CM-10.2: http://d-h.st/users/M1cha/?fld_id=24416#files
    Google Apps: http://goo.im/gapps
    Mirror for latest version: http://uploaded.net/file/3szgqx2z

    Device-Tree: https://github.com/M1cha/android_device_xiaomi_aries
    Proprietaries: https://github.com/M1cha/proprietary_vendor_xiaomi
    Kernel: https://github.com/M1cha/android_kernel_xiaomi_aries

    Quote from CM team which apply's to my work, too:
    "If you're going to reuse our work, which we're doing for free, be fair and give proper credits.
    This is the only payment we're really demanding and we deserve it to be mentioned because of the countless hours we've put into this project.
    Open-Source doesn't meant Out-of-Respect!!!"

    Screenshot_2013-09-08-11-25-15.png Screenshot_2013-09-08-11-25-55.png Screenshot_2013-09-08-11-26-02.png Screenshot_2013-09-08-10-54-08.png Screenshot_2013-09-22-10-17-42.png Screenshot_2013-09-22-10-18-39.png Screenshot_2013-09-22-10-18-48.png


    Every update contains updates from CyanogenMod.
    - fix camera crashes
    - remove radio.img
    - update proprietaries from MIUI
    - remove libqc-opt
    - fixed RILJ wakelocks
    - fix s5k3h7 sensor
    - use builtin custom radio.img and revert some libs and configs to mako
    - fix audio when incall using a headset(thx to ivan)
    - some camera tests
    - fix wlan bootup issues
    - update to 4.3.1
    - switch to new CM kernel
    - fix earpiece poweron delay
    - massive cleanup and rewrite
    - fix typo in Italia operator name
    - fix setting cpu frequency in power menu
    - maybe more :P
    - updates from cm10.2 for mako
    - use CM libril
    - fix headset buttons
    - use cm-10.2 audio HAL
    - fmradio support
    - wlan improvements
    2013-09-14: !!audio broken!!
    - add support for Synaptics RMI4 touchscreen
    - add support for setting vibrator intensity
    - fix vibration patterns(for touch keys and some other things, too)
    - fix boot on MI2S
    - fix transients when turning on screen
    - initial release
    We should have a party to celebrate 8 months of hard work ...
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2013
  2. manohar

    manohar Members

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    Ganz Toll ! M1cha :)
    Count me in for your Party....

    M1cha, does it mean that we can use MODs & Tweaks meant for Nexus 4 CM 10.2 ROM in our devices with your ROM also ? that would be just great ;)
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  3. nick14

    nick14 Members

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    Nice work M1cha :) 2 questions
    1. are the bugs still present ?
    2. how is the batterydrain ?
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  4. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    @manohar: Depending on what these mods are about, yes.
    BTW I saw that cyanogenmod forked msm-3.4 branch from codeaurora and is using it as a multi kernel for google msm devices now.
    Maybe I'll do that switch, too in future but as of now it sounds too unstable to me.

    @nick14: which bugs?(I've never tried a xiaomi rom). All bugs are listed in OP under issues
    And I don't have a battery drain. when I don't have any apps installed and I use default governor(ondemand) I loose 1% per hour when not using the phone.
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  5. nick14

    nick14 Members

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    I was thinking about Touchscreen driver bug :)
  6. MSephiroth

    MSephiroth Members

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    Thank you m1cha! You ve done something special for us... Thank you so much!

    Inviato dal mio MI 2 con Tapatalk 2
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  7. manohar

    manohar Members

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    Can i use Fly on Mod tweak & Extended Power Menu with this ROM ? and also Themes meant for Nexus CM10.2 ?
  8. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    @nick14: Ah ok. Yes the bug is still present but I don't think you'll have problems with it because as of my experience it only happens when hardly turning off the phone in fastboot mode(which I needed to do very often). I won't use opensource kernel in CWM before fixing this so u have a easy way to fix it.
    When camera and fmradio are fixed I'll take a look at touchscreen and lcd drivers to optimize them.

    @manohar: these sounds like general framework mods which would work on any device.
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  9. jianggau

    jianggau Members

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    Thanks for your hard working. :)
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  10. Coldbird

    Coldbird Members

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    Awesome work! Can't wait until camera and mhl are working!

    The possibilities you opened up... simply great!

    Sent from my MI 2 using Tapatalk 4
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  11. phani

    phani Members

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    Thanks a lot M1cha for your wonderful work.
    Hope to see official CM builds too with everything open source and perfectly aligned to CM framework
  12. giacky98

    giacky98 Members

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    Amazing work! With your kernel is the overclock now possible?

    Inviato dal mio MI 2S usando Tapatalk 4
  13. manohar

    manohar Members

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    I have bootloop with Mi2S... what about others, have you booted successfully ?
  14. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    @phani audio-caf is the only repository I needed to replace. fmradio will need some changes to framework but I think that would be ok for CM because they're minimalistic.

    @giacky98: I didn't try it. But even if not we could port custom kernels like franco's.

    @manohar: You have to provide logcat. the problem is that due to secure adb you cannot do that before successful boot.
    I can upload a insecure boot.img for you
    EDIT: here is the insecure boot.img: http://d-h.st/Yxt
    just do fastboot boot boot_insecure.img
  15. dextructor

    dextructor Members

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    That's a dream coming true... Thanks a lot for the hard work M1cha!
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  16. vidar

    vidar Members

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    Can I use this rom with true dual boot?

    Sent with my Xiaomi MI2 with Tapatalk 4
  17. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    TDB is supported, yes (I use it myself)
  18. manohar

    manohar Members

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    I am not able to get logcat also.... it says logcat not found... Sorry i cannot be of some help to you.
    can you pls upload the insecure boot.img ?
  19. kekkojoker90

    kekkojoker90 Members

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    great job m1cha i need of camera but when is fixed for sure i use your rom as default :D
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  20. Staalborstel

    Staalborstel Members

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    Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We all appreciate it very much, gonna try your ROM now! I would buy you a coffee, and I suppose I wouldn't be the only one. You should get a paypal link ;).
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  21. M1cha

    M1cha Members

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    Thx for your support, I've added the button.
  22. kekkojoker90

    kekkojoker90 Members

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    Coffe from me too
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  23. Rebelz111

    Rebelz111 Members

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    Not booting..
  24. liron

    liron Members

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    not booting mi2s
  25. manohar

    manohar Members

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    For me too...

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