Moving from DarkyROM

Ben McNicholas

Apr 30, 2012
*****NOOB ALERT*****

Hi everyone!

Please excuse the noobishness but I'm trying to find how I can switch from DarkyROM to MIUI. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 running Darkys 10.4.2 XWJW1.

Could someone point me int the right direction for some instructions on how to do this? Have bricked my phone once before and don't wanna to it again.

Thanks. Had a look, but this stops me:

MI-ONE MD5( a763d007a27740dff28b27eec88af6ee
Nexus SMD5( cecd146f3a2f1175b8d92fb93450cc29
SGS2 i9100 MD5( 68b6762b4749624706cd38ad6c9feac4
Galaxy Nexus MD5( 92b23ffb75884d1ec692c02211234b9f
HTC Sensation MD5( 8f81a10b512a53c68a877ee80943549d
Nexus S 4G MD5( d8384149de862bec6751727fd793e800
Sony Xperia Arc S MD5( ecf9996360c744144d1e9b34fd1640e2

Can't see my phone there?