Not receiving SMS


Jun 24, 2011
Hi there,

The last days I got the issue, that some SMS aren't received. I own a Desire Z and never heard that MIUI causes that issue. I've got the feeling that it got something to do with the Permission Management of Superuser so I disabled it.

Today I installed 1.6.24. When I once tried to wake up the phone it soft rebooted. A friend also told me that he sent me an SMS today I never recieved. So could the soft reboot be caused by the SMS (I've read something about SMS App causing Soft reboots). I am using GO SMS and allowed the permissions for phone and SMS at superuser so I cant really get behind that issue.

Does anybody else got that issue orprobably already fixed it?
The only fix i got for this is to disable permissions management via superuser.That way i send/get sms fine and didnt have a soft reboot till then.