New Notification Whatsapp Miui (Redmi Note 9 pro JOYEUSE)


Jan 31, 2023
I must say that I love the ROM but I only had a detail for which I had to uninstall it and I would like to be able to correct it.

WhatsApp notifications do not arrive until I open the application, I have tried everything, Lock the application with the padlock,
I moved all the battery saver settings to prevent it from putting the app to sleep, I gave it autostart permission, I moved all the security settings and got absolutely nothing,
the device kept placing the applications in a suspended state after blocking the device, making effective communication via WhatsApp impossible, I would be very grateful if anyone has any solution or configuration to solve this problem, I would be eternally grateful.
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Nov 12, 2018
I have similar problems with my Redmi Note 11s since my update to Miui No problems with Telegram and some other chat apps, only with Whatsapp. It works for a while but then it just stops notifying.
Edit: And strange problem an hour ago: I've received 2 whatsapp messages, but I got notifications for Threema (where I didn't get any new message).
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Jan 2, 2016
The RAM management seems way too aggresive and is suspending apps way too soon and restricting them from starting, no matter your permissions/autostart/notification settings.

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