Resolved PIN code screen lock

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Jan 11, 2012
On SGS2 MIUI 2.8.24, the PIN coded screen lock is not working. Flashed with full wipe, booted, went to setting and set the PIN code to unlock... First time screen got locked, entered the code but it's not accepted. New fresh installion round and same thing. Only solution was to roll back on previous nandroid backup.
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Confirmed, have exactly the same, tried a pin on a fresh install and it doesn't accept the pin, had to fresh install so no pin lock enabled
My solution was to revert back to 2.8.17, turn the PIN code screen lock off, and then upgrade to 2.8.24.

Problem exists when using a PIN code to protect your lock screen, and also when using a password.
Of course the link doesn't work... on links (along with its mirrors), there is always only the last version of the ROM.

Should anyone need to download any other version of MiUI ROM (including the current/last one), they can find it here:
Bug in the gnote too. But seems like it is not affecting some other handsets. Didnt see much feedback on this issue from forums.

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Still a bug in 2.8.31 was hoping they would of fixed this one

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I have exchange mail set up which requires to activate pin. I just downloaded 2.8.31 and cannot unlock after exchange setup.
Any solutions? If its not working in this version, shall I install some older version of miui?

Also where to find older versions.?
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