Recovery Update: RA 2.0.0 by Amon is out with new NEW FEATURES

Lightning N1

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Nov 8, 2010
A new release is out and it's got some of the features included that we have been waiting for.
Just in case you have not run across it yet, check over in XDA and download the one for your devise.

Here is a link to the Nexus One thread of Amon's recovery, and the current capabilities as well as added features.
READ the top of the first post, there are specific links to each device ( ensure you get the one for your phone).

Edited to add link :)
Hiya Lightening N1, any chance of you posting the link or the change log here please mate?


Link added,
Initially I thought a link might confuse people (General Forum) using phones other than Nexus, but it is pretty clear in Amon's post to follow the link for your phone to get the correct version of the recovery program.

I already flashed it thru Terminal. But, some are having problems and Amon_Ra then recommends Fastboot.

I used it to flash some updates here and no issues. Like the File Browser very much. Just like Rom Mgr/CWMod.

It did delete 4 unnecessary files, according to the flash screen. Is that normal, something maybe I haven't paid attn to.

nice upgrade.

too bad it defaults to checking signature, instead of NOT checking, like CW recovery does.

i switched to it tho.