Red Rice, fake or original

Dec 13, 2013
Hello folks,

I finally got my RedRice delivered and installed it yesterday. I used the official ROM, not the multi one.
Now the seller is sending me a lot of mails to confirm the delivery (sorry, I bought from **********). Before I do, I just need your help to identify a potential fake.

I checked a lot of threads before but I'm not quiet sure, but it's my first xiaomi. I delted the IMEI - or do you need it?

Thanks in advance guys!

Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-35-53.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-01.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-06.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-08.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-24.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-32.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-35.png Screenshot_2013-12-13-14-36-40.png
Dec 13, 2013
How I identify if it is Mi recovery?
I have been in recovery already to flash with official ROM, but it wasn't different from my iOcean...

Now I booted into recovery and it is different before flashed with official ROM.
"Android system recovery <3e> ...." font in orange color. Before it was blue

Now, I saw a Video on youtube: it is not the mi recovery and it definetly wasn't before. Maybe because I installed a different one? Is that possible?
I almost started right away to flash, like here: but used the official ROm instead of the multi

I forgot to mention.
There was a code on the back to check at - I translated it and it said basically like it's original and thank you, i think
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Feb 11, 2012
Hongmi doesn't have MiRecovery...
On screens it is real... But not sure what he will send to you... Good luck...

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