Redminote 2 4g From Chinese Rom To Global Rom

Mar 15, 2016
Hi i just bought the Redmi note 2 Chinese verion and am looking for the steps to change it to the Global rom since this version have has bloatware in Chinese which i can't install i download the global rom but its keeps telling me its corrupted could some please Guide me through.
Mar 13, 2016
Michael. See my comment here:

I wanted to go from a similar ROM (yours is not oficial, it has third-party modifications) to a developer by Read carefully what I've wrote and take your time to search for tutorials if you can't understand well enough some steps of the process.
Basically, root phone through KingoRoot or RootGenius. Install flashify app and give it root access. Download TWRP image for Redmi Note 2 (you need the correct version of TWRP otherwise things will go badly...). Download desired ROM zip file. Move the ROM zip file to microSD card memory.
With flashify, flash TWRP image. It will boot your phone to TWRP recovery. At this point it shouldn't be hard to install the desired ROM and you can find easy tutorials to help you with that.
Hope it works for you.