SafetyNet issues and GPS stuff.


Dec 14, 2023
Hello, new on this forum. I just recently unlocked the bootloader and such to install the rom build. Had some issues, but its installed and running now.
Current issues I am facing is the SafetyNet issues and Google Play certification that cause so many needed apps to not being able to be installed.

I got TWRP installed. What are my options from here?
Do I need to root with Magisk or is there any better ways with none rooting?

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Hello, I would like to know this too. Is it possible to root it somehow? Magisk last update was in november (dont know if thats a problem or not) and with kingroot I have no experience. Are here users with rooted xiaomi 14 which could tell us what is working? Thank you....
I have rooted the xiaomi 14 with delta magisk without any issues, however when I run some EXTENDED root checker I get this report and I would like to know if someone knows, if its necessary to take care of the red items. Thanks for any reply.


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