New Settings don't save/randomly change (Xiaomi Mi2S - latest multilang)

Aug 13, 2013

Xiaomi Mi2S user on latest MULTIlang build (3.12.27) here.
Since a couple of versions I've been noticing some settings randomly change back after I change them.
These settings include:
- Disabling auto-brightness
- Turning vibration of home/settings/back keys ON.

They will be saved and work for a while and then suddenly they're changed back to auto brightness and no more vibration.
I tried changing it and immediately rebooting to see if that would either save or undo the settings but it didn't, a bit later they just changed randomly again.

I can't make a logcat since this happens on very random occasions, I don't know how to recreate the bug.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Is there anything I can do to make sure the settings are properly saved?
Or is this a bug that might get fixed in one of the next versions?

Kind regards,
Aug 13, 2013
Oooh I did have those settings turned on, I'll try turning them off and see that fixes it, thanks!

Is there any way to keep them on without the settings randomly changing though?
Feb 20, 2013
I found that after I updated a rom a while back they got auto turned on, then the schedule misbehaved. So I turned all that power stuff off except, marathon under 10%