In Progress SGS2 bugs with google market\play

l downloaded and worked but it's still market,if you want to install gplay, there is Vending-3.5.16.apk search and install
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had the same problem on my phone, wiped data cach and dalvik and after reinstalling Miui (last ver) i used the restore tool but only restored the apps everything else (system) i didnt restore and it seemed to do the trick , my market was updated to 3.5.16 and i am able to download and update everything.
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Or alternatively, you can just download Google Play.apk ver 3.5.16(latest), transfer to phone and just install it. Simple!

And then you add you google accounts to it. :)
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I did it and still error 921 - can't download from google play.

Go to application management, find the play store and clear cache and data. Then find google services framework and do the same..restart, it should work
Mine upgrades to google play and allows me to update apps but after a couple of reboots it reverts to the old market and I have to open and close it again so it updates, any ideas to get it to stick?

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I get the same. SGS2 miui 2.4.27...after a couple of reboots play store becomes market again and requires to reupdated. This results in excessive amounts of unnecessary 3g data. Can you please keep in mind for next release?
Hi I have this problem too, always that I reboot the cell my Google play backs to Market, then it updates again. I always had this problem since the first version of miui ICS release.

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have the same problem, and i need to re-install the apk to revert it back to google play, was this solved on the current update?
Not yet, I'm with the last version 2.4.27 and the problem persists.
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thanks for the info, still one of the best custom roms, just a minor issue, nonetheless will update to 2.4.27 ;)
R u sure? My store downloads apps without problems. The problem is that it reverts bk to market and has to reupdate itself after every couple of reboots

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then there is no solution for that yet, its a Bug. All u can do is keeo google play.apk in your phone to manually update. :)
Aternatively you can block Market from updating to reduce 3G data. Download terminal emulator from market, fire it up and execute the following commands:

$ su
# touch /data/app/
# busybox chattr +i /data/app/
so this is what i did and it works
1)download Google Play.apk ver 3.5.16(latest) and rename it to Phonesky.apk
2)delete vending from /system/app
3)now copy the google play store which u renames to phonesky.apk to /sysyem/app over right it
4) restart phone
This friday release will include new gapps. Hopefully this will resolve any problems.