[SOLVED]Cyberon Voice Commander make MiUi 1.6.x reboot


May 16, 2011

I used this voice commender app perfectly until 1.6.x series .
I already asked the dev if he could help on this bug, but I ask it here too.

So, this app let me correctly spell phone number, search contact, launch apps, without any problem until it have to dial a number on the phone.

Each time it have to compose the number , the device freeze, and after a few seconds, reload MiUi. It is an odd "reboot", because it is not a real reboot as I need'nt to dialin the PIN for 3G/phone access.

Any clues to solve this problem ?

EDIT : in official french MiUi 1.6.10, the MiUi 'superuseruser' app does not exist (blue icon instead of usual superuser.pak icon) . When Cyberon Voice Dialer has been authorized through this app, all bugs are gone and dialing do not reboot the phone anymore.