(Solved) Xiaomi.eu Mi 10t pro rom update problem


Oct 25, 2022
I installed the fastboot rom. So far everything ok. I received an ota update that I downloaded and when I reboot to install it does not install the update. miui recovery opens and closes instantly and turns on normally. I state that it is Android 12 installed via fastboot. but the update I saw in the forum does not report fastboot hardening. if in the tread of the stable miui 13 (and of the stable version the installed one) it says that devices with android 12 only fastboot and ok ... but the latest update released is not fastboot ... downloaded and extracted and in fact it is does not have the script for the upgrade / first installation. (note that the instagram app on the play store is no longer supported) I solved it by downloading the apk and changing a permission otherwise it would crash. leaving out the app how can i fix the update? Thanks in advance.
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