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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Another teaser for what to expect in this weeks ICS build. A new feature for the status bar allowing users to control music functions, e.g. Play, Pause, Stop and next track.

Great to see subtle functions being added each week. Expect to see it for yourself this Friday.



Does this Statusbar Music controls also work with 3rd party music apps like rdio, ....?
GB is all about stability. I think its a rare chance to see anymore backported features.
Ooooh :( Thats baaad :( MIUI v4 has a lot of really good features (this, original stopwatch, better gallery and camera...) :( But I dont think that will be for Desire :(
It is quite off-topic but did not want to start a new thread for such a tiny question/request. Here it is

- Is/Will it be possible to add Calendar entries without Google account ?

That's a very important tiny feature esp for those who dont have Internet at their phones (and there is plenty of such people in some parts of the World).
Moreover I also take it as Privacy issue - why Google want or need to know most of the things about me.

Thanks and my most sincere apologies for an off-topic post.

P.S. Mark and iBotPeeches Sir are you on twitter ?
Thanks again, for such nice improvements. Good work. Anyway, still I would like to see some other improvements, that have been mention before, even by other users. Like Calendar Anniversary entries, without being on Internet, and Date Stamp on pictures shot with my Desire Camera. It will be very helpful.

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