Strange Startup Of Twrp On Mi4c

Jan 28, 2016
After the last ROM update on my Mi4c (I currently have 6.2.25), there's stomething strange happening when I switch my phone on in recovery mode. Instead of the home page of TWRP, I get directly to the "Mount" section of TWRP, with the following message:

Unmodified system partition detected.
TWRP can leave your system partition unmodified to make it easier for you to take official updates.
TWRP will be unable to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP and will not offer to root your device.

Then on the bottom there is the usual swipe button to allow modification.

What should I do? Should I swipe and allow modification?

In addition I noticed that TWRP is not able to shut down the device: when I push Power off (or even reboot), the device gets simply stuck and I have to force the shutdown with the power button.
Nov 22, 2015
It's depends what you want to can leave read only and do a raw backup of the system in case you want to restore to that image later....or you can allow modification if you have no plans of restoring to the original ROM.....In either event, once you select an option TWRP will respond properly.....hope that helps....

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