Suggestion For Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Sep 19, 2015
Hi, because the ROM is in development, I have taken some suggestion by some user:
-Having notifications on the lockscreen which they don't need to turn on the screen every time
-App to sd
-Changing single element of theme with the app
-Double tap for turn the screen on
-Rapid Gesture for turning on Camera while the screen is off.

Thanks. (if the post is in the wrong place tell me and sorry)

Ps: I've notice a bug, with 40mins of talking on the phone, the screen goes black for a minute and the phone is completely blocked.
I'm on 5.9.2. but i will upgrade my rom
Nov 3, 2014
1. You can disable it on Notification Settings (for every app)
2. You have root, use Link2sd. And you are on Lollipop, i think you can do it also without Link2sd
3. It's a bug of miui v7.
4. -
5. Turn on the screen (power button) and swipe left

Ah, doesn't develop miui, it create a multilanguage rom with some tweaks (maybe it can do 3. and 4.)
For add it on miui go on forum
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Sep 11, 2015
One thing that I absolutely hate about this ROM and would like to see changed. That's the inability to unlink notification and ringer volumes. I simply can't stand having extra loud notifications just so I don't miss a call when I'm away from my phone. I used an Xposed module for this on my previous phone. But as far as I know, Xposed is not (yet?) compatible with RN2 and even if it were I'm not sure that module would work.

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Sep 12, 2015
I thinked for an application which translate automatically the differents roms from chinees to other languages
Or something like an application for translation where you can translate languages for development where the developers can use the data to further ROMs.