Xiaomi The New Xiaomi M2 Launching Soon!

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Hi MIUI Fans,

It looks like Xiaomi are gearing up to launch the new quad-core Xiaomi M2 very soon!

There are no other details and this could all turn out to be false information but if this is true this could be the official start of the quad-core Chinese phone wars!

Up until now the only Chinese quad-core phone, and one of the most keenly priced quad-core phones available, has been the Meizu MX 4-core, but with the M2 and it’s rumored quad-core soon to arrive competition is soon going to hot up!

The Xiaomi MI2 is having a bit of bumpy rumor ride with the original super phone specifications changing to average Chinese phone specs and now back again to the super phone level!

According to reports employees at Foxconn, where Xiaomi make the current M1 and soon to be launch MI2 have been busy snooping around the MI2 assembly line and feeding juicy pieces of information to the Chinese phone and gadget media, and some tasty morsels they have come up with too!

Xiaomi MI2 Screen

According to the latest leaked details the new Xiaomi phone will be much larger and get a bigger, improved screen over the current Xiaomi M1. However it isn’t yet confirmed just as to what size if screen Xiaomi have opted for on the MI2 with sizes ranging from 4.5 inch to 4.7 inch rumored to be true. The varying screen sizing could be due to the fact Xiaomi have a number of prototype phones in Foxconn and could be using any number of different displays on any number of prototypes!

Quad-core with 1GB RAM

We’re all pretty much agreed as to the fact the new Xiaomi Chinese phone will be a quad-core Android device (or it could possibly run Windows) but we just don’t know which Quad-core chip has been chosen. The favorites however are Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and the or the Qualcomm APQ8064. It also isn’t sure just how powerful the 4-core unit will be, however some are suggesting the CPU could be possible of running at 2.5 ghz!

As for RAM everyone seems to be agreeing that the new Xiaomi will only have 1GB RAM which seems a little on the stingy side if the CPU is as powerful as some think.

Internal Battery

Another feature everyone is in agreement over is the non replaceable battery in the new Xiaomi, however it could be as small as 1700mAh (the same size as the Meizu MX) or as large as 2100mAh.


Yes, according to our source the Xiaomi MI2 will have both front and rear cameras, but this is as far as reports are corroborating. Some outlets are claiming the rear camera isn’t changing from the 8 mega-pixel unit currently in use with the front being a 2 mega-pixel shooter, while others are claiming the new Xiaomi will get a much improved 12 mega-pixel rear camera!

Operating Systems

The Windows 8 rumors are back again, joined along with the usual Android Jelly Bean 4.1 reports. I personally believe that Windows is a no go, at least on the MI2, while Jelly Bean will eventually be available it won’t be from launch and rather an updated version of Miui 4.0 based on Ice-cream Sandwich seems more likely.

Other features

Then there are the other features which might make it on to the new MI2 such as the ability to dual-boot (again I don’t think this is likely) the inclusion of NFC plus a built-in remote control app which will allow users to control all of their household appliances such as their TV, DVD and even air conditioner from the Xiaomi MI2′s large screen.

M2 Boxing


Rumor has it that August 16th 2012 is the day we could see the official launching of the MI2 !More information will be added prior to the release.
Seems August 16th is a date for the Calendar gents! Mine should be shipping very soon :)
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Seen a load of rumours and different images floating about. Really hoping its Qualcomm APQ8064 and not Tegra 3 based. After using both the HTC One X and the GS3 I am now convinced no big name manufacturer has an android build to rival MIUI, definitely want to get hold of one.

I would like to see a slimmer phone as the M1 is a touch bulky by by todays standards, and an improved camera would be very welcome too.
I haven't seen anything about this phone other than these specs, but I would really buy it if it had one thing... will it have 4g that will work on Verizon? I saw the M1 had CDMA functionality, so I'm curious if this will have US compatible 4g.
lol no. I just got home from work. I'll OTA things once I eat.

haha, seemed a a little far fetched, yeah if you could wack that OTA update up that would be much appreciated. Cheers

hey a little off topic, whats that benchmarking program you used up there?

Program is Quadrant, that's just a benchmark for the Qualcomm APQ8064 not for the actual M2, but should be similar as the M2 is said to be using that CPU.

Actual rumoured benchmarks here....

Who cares about benchmarks these days? I'm more concerned about decent battery life than how fast the CPU can run. I mean just how many apps do you think even come close to using half the power of any quad CPU?
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the box is going to be better than the cellphone, it can withstand anything... I think it's even bulletproof rumors say.
looking at those quadrants results and xiaomi 2 rumored specs, have to say s3 is completely owned..

if this phone costs less than 2500 rmb im going to be surprised.
We will be covering all the news items relating to tomorrows announcements :)
thanks man, i wish i could assist to that event and give real update about that too, but paying an entrance fee is ridiculous heh.
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