Translating MIUI for Desire HD in Dutch (NEDERLANDS)

Discussion in 'Dutch Translation' started by Footy1337, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Footy1337

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    Hi guys!

    Let's do it and with it I mean translate MIUI for the HTC Desire HD (ACE) to Dutch :)

    Current progress:

    - Finding out how to get the Crowdin translation (from here into the MIUI ROM.

    Current members:

    - FoOtY (Teamlead)
    - denpowel (Translator)

    Any information or suggestions are very welcome! It also would be great to have some more developers and translators, feel free to send me a PM or reply here if you are interested to join the party :)

    Kind regards,

  2. denpowel

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    I volunteer for the team :)

  3. Footy1337

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    Thank you for your imput Powel and welcome to the team :)

    Im forming a team to translate the rom into Dutch, I did found this:

    Seems the strings are already translated but not verified yet, can anyone give a small bump into the right direction on how to get them into the MIUI rom for HTC Desire HD (ACE) ?
    Are the xml files device depandant or universal?
    Any help would be greatly appriciated!!

    Thanks in advance, kind regards!

  4. jan-willem3

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    We did with XJ the whole dutch translation... with all latest updates...
    Go to his thread on desire forum grab the apk's or decompile them and get the strings...
    better then starting over again...

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