Upgrading to the new 1.10.28 developer goes wrong


Oct 25, 2011
I got a signal that the new rom was ready to be download to upgrade the currently installed 1.10.21 version.

The download went smooth but when i choose to upgrade it errors on my during the backup procedure of the system files. And then when i choose to skip the backup rom manager says it can not process the rom manager script and asks if i have at least 4.4 installed. ROM manager is 4.7 btw.

Two questions:
1- I sent the error log from the backup procedure to MIUI. How do i know it is being worked on?
2- Why does CLockworkmod say there is a problem with the script and how do i solve it?

And don't get me wrong.. this MIUI rom is by far the best and smoothest of the rom's i tried so far so a big thumbs up for all the developers!