New various Bugs GT-I9100



With the end of v4 I think it is sad that some bugs (I got with the latest releases) will not be fixed on SGS2 such as

-button wake device lags a bit
-mms app loads only number of contact but does not display name (only after reentering mms) in sms thread overview
-MIUI player does not set "remember position off"
(strangest bug, maybe not caused by ROM but by shitty provider network)
-I dial a contact, the nice lady voice of provider tells "the number is not assigned", I redial the same contact and it connects

I do not want to rant around in any way, and I am very glad about the fact that I can have/use MIUI. Anybody having those bugs too?
Mar 20, 2012
What is lag? In my experience my SGS2 directly wakes up after pressing home or power..
About the mms issue, when I open the app, I can see all my conversations with the name if the persons, so I don't know what your issue might be..
About the musicplayer, well I don't use it that much so there might be an issue..
About your phone issue, well I never had problems making a call..

Have you applied any other mods or a different kernel?
I have the multilang, control panel and use siyah kernel 5.0.1 ;)


Thx for your reply.
Same Kernel here, multilang too. Would give control panel a try.

-when I press home button it takes 1,6 seconds to show the lockscreen
-contacts in mms.apk bug is appearing sporadic
-dial bug could really be a problem of my low cost mobile providers network. but it happened only with MIUI ROMs until now. Not with JB Sammy leaks. And it is sporadic too.
Feb 20, 2012
I installed MIUI 3.7.26. on SGS2 i9100.
When I receive an SMS, contact name is not shown . It's only shown when I enter the messages after, and even that sometimes, sometimes not... I have 1000+ contacts, 4000+ numbers and 1500+ SMS in phone now.
Looks similar to your problem. Performance issue? Any solution?
Feb 20, 2012
I write here because MIUI doesn't have separate SMS and MMS aps? It 's the same?

Anyway, there are similar reports: even old ones such as
All my numbers are in nitl. format (+CountryAreaNumber). There were some dashes before, but even when I removed them, using Number fixer apk, the problem remains. Contact name is not shown in SMS app or during a call, but randomly, only for some contacts, and even that changes.
My MIUI 3.7.26 is a new install, not upgrade. Contacts were restored through MyBackup app. All my contacts are phone contacts (now MIUI calls this Xiaomi contacts, it didn't ask me for this).