Resolved Widget error SGS2 2.5.25

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by oyvinja, May 25, 2012.

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  1. oyvinja

    oyvinja Members

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    I'm using the Simi clock widget. It's been working flawlessly up until now, across roms and updates. However, after updating to 2.5.25, I only get an onscreen message saying "problem loading widget". Other widgets load without problem. I've tried emptying the app's cache, and even reinstalling it. No luck.
    [edit] Also, weren't 2.5.25 supposed to fix the bug of not being able to change background picture on PIN lockscreen? I'm pretty sure I saw a promise about that being fixed this week. Minor annoyance, though.
  2. 3rain3ug

    3rain3ug Members

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    same bug here with gmail widget
  3. tele

    tele Members

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    Problem loading evernote widget 4x2

    Galaxy Nexus Toro
  4. Spyr0s

    Spyr0s Members

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    Same here with email (continiously loading), wizz agenda (continiously loading), gmail (problem loading widget), google plus (problem loading widget)
  5. tomrom

    tomrom Members

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    Same here.
    Gmail widget and simple calendar widget don't load.

    Wiping cache and dalvik didn't work.
    I even tried full wipe but still have the same problem.

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  6. boxcarracer81

    boxcarracer81 Members

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    'Problem loading widget'

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  7. iBotPeaches

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  8. Wajk

    Wajk Members

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    Widget loading bug partically solved.
    (not best, but better than stock .25)
    If anybody want to fix it, this is my steps:

    You need "framework-miui.jar" from 2.5.18 and 2.5.25 ROMs.

    1. decompile both framework-miui.jar
    2. copy&overwrite smali/android/widget and smali/miui/widget directory from 2.5.18 to 2.5.25
    3. recompile framework-miui.jar (2.5.25)
    4. pust to your ROM :)

    tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, if anybody play more with smalis and got better results, share with us ;)
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  9. tele

    tele Members

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    Fixed in 2.6.1. Thanks!
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