Resolved Widget error SGS2 2.5.25

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Feb 10, 2012
I'm using the Simi clock widget. It's been working flawlessly up until now, across roms and updates. However, after updating to 2.5.25, I only get an onscreen message saying "problem loading widget". Other widgets load without problem. I've tried emptying the app's cache, and even reinstalling it. No luck.
[edit] Also, weren't 2.5.25 supposed to fix the bug of not being able to change background picture on PIN lockscreen? I'm pretty sure I saw a promise about that being fixed this week. Minor annoyance, though.
Same here with email (continiously loading), wizz agenda (continiously loading), gmail (problem loading widget), google plus (problem loading widget)
Same here.
Gmail widget and simple calendar widget don't load.

Wiping cache and dalvik didn't work.
I even tried full wipe but still have the same problem.

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Widget loading bug partically solved.
(not best, but better than stock .25)
If anybody want to fix it, this is my steps:

You need "framework-miui.jar" from 2.5.18 and 2.5.25 ROMs.

1. decompile both framework-miui.jar
2. copy&overwrite smali/android/widget and smali/miui/widget directory from 2.5.18 to 2.5.25
3. recompile framework-miui.jar (2.5.25)
4. pust to your ROM :)

tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, if anybody play more with smalis and got better results, share with us ;)
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