[Work IN Progress) Samsung Epic 1.9.9 (New build as of 9/18/11)


Apr 17, 2011
Main Thread is here:

Go to that link if this hasn't been updated in awhile.

I decided to make a new Miui thread as in the old one, I couldn't post my links in the OP. We will be making several builds.

Changelog: Nonexistent so far

Working/Not Working: Will Update Sometime

Some of these builds will boot and some will not. Good luck.

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38805599/MIUI festivus for the restivus.zip
New build as of 9/18/11

Special Thanks

Miui Epic team past and present- ahmgsk, fusingblackrose, asdfghjkl, Mike_77, darkierawr, me

Atoore- helping me even though he doesn't even have our device (has a T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G)

CM7 Team for Kernel and other parts of the ROM that helped with this

All Epic Devs for contributing to this community

Users- for feedback and thanks and using our buggy builds and helping us make them better

Official MIUI Team- For a great MIUI Rom to base off of

Samsung and Sprint- For this phone

Anyone else I'm forgetting, I'm sorry, PM me.