Xposed on Second/Dual Space?!?


Jul 18, 2018
Hi everybody!
I've a Mi5 with the Xiaomi.EU 9.5.2 and Magisk 18.0 on, and everything is fine.
I've been using Second Space for some time now, and i've found i didn't have right root permissions on this one: i went on Magisk Manager settings and i've changed "mount namespace" settings, so now all ok this way.

But the problem comes in the moment i want to install Xposed (by Magisk modules, so first i install Magisk Framework and then Magisk 89.3 SDK 24)...
If i install in Primary or Second Space (it's the same), everything goes fine, but it will always accorded to Primary Space; so i can use it in Primary Space with no problems, but in the Second Space i can't do anything because of the "Wrong Data Directory" error showing up when Xposed is opened.

I just wanted to have a Primary Space "clean" (even if without Safety Net), but a Second Space where i could use Xposed with no limitations.

Thank you all, hope someone will help me!