[Tutorial] POCOPHONE F1: replace EXT4 filesystem of cache and data partitions with F2FS


Sep 20, 2019
Hi guys,

I was looking if it was possible to change the default filesystem EXT4 to F2FS on the POCO F1. I read it could give some performance improvements in terms of phone startup speed and launch speed of apps.
Just simply changing the filesystem of cache and data partitions to F2FS in TWRP, made the phone hang on the Logo screen after flashing MIUI. So I started digging around and found a way to do it! With thanks to YouTube user 'munchy'. You can find a step by step tutorial here.
It's actually quite simple. You only need to flash one file basically. Here are the steps I did to change the Cache and Data partitions to F2FS:


(I tested this after clean installing MIUI 12 Stable via TWRP. Once I finished the initial Setup, I went on and performed the below steps.
I do not know if the following steps will work before flashing MIUI. Please let me know in the comments if you have tested this.)

1) Make sure you disable all security measures on your phone. Disable Lockscreen login(s), remove MIUI account, remove Google Account
2) Make sure your bootloader is unlocked
3) Boot to TWRP recovery. If you have not installed TWRP, there are plenty of tutorials ;-)
4) Once in TWRP, click on 'Mount', then check the checkbox for 'Vendor'
5) Go back and tap on 'Install' and install the following file: FSTAB-EXT4_F2FS-encryptable_footer-BERYLLIUM.zip Download this file HERE
6) Reboot to TWRP recovery once more and tap on 'Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> Select Cache Partition -> Repair or change filesystem -> Change filesystem'.
7) You can see the current filesystem is EXT4. Tap on F2FS in the right hand corner and then swipe to change.
8) Once completed, go back with the home button, tap wipe once more and repeat the previous step, only select the 'data' partition this time.
9) After the wipe to F2FS of the data partition, reboot to System
10) The 1st bootup takes some time. But after booting up, you'll find the cache and data partitions are set to F2FS. You can check this with the Disk Info app. Get it HERE.

Let me know in the comments if you have tested this and if you have noticed a performance improvement. Cheers guys!
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