redmi note 3

  1. MC_Kejml

    Sony WI-XB400 headphones not working with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

    Hi, my Bluetooth headphones Sony WI-XB400 doesn't work properly with Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Whenever I play some output (youtube video, Spotify music), after some time from 5 to 120 seconds the headphones stop playing the output. On the phone, the music / video continues to play, but with no...
  2. O

    Redmi Note3

    Hello, This is my first time here so i need info for my phone. I am experiencing problems like unable to update apps ( especially google aps), or apps going down and similar. My phone is still under warranty and if i return it this will be my second time returning it for software problems...
  3. P

    SIM card goes random off/not detected

    Hi! I have a redmi note 3 pro with rom 8.4.19. Till a few days didnt had a single problem at all. But, my idea, is that since last two updates, the sim card (in position sim 1 or sim 2 - i just use one card), the sim card goes random off and then is not detect after or sometimes is...
  4. W

    New Redmi Note 3 Mtk Roaming Not Working

    Hi, I have problems connecting to any network while in roaming. It seams that the sim is not recognized at all. I've tried to put the sim in another phone and it works fine. Tried to do a full wipe and new ROM install same problem. Tried ROMs: xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote3_V8.0.1.0.LHNCNDG_v8-5.0...
  5. Babak Fakhamzadeh

    How To Do A Clean Install Of, Well, Everything?

    All I need is one process that results in a clean install of my phone. Any solution is fine for me. Here's where I'm at. Also, this being my first post, I can not create links. *sigh* I have a Redmi Note 3. It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. I understand there are several versions...
  6. AlexCleric

    [solved] Twrp Reboot When Trying To Install Rom

    Hi. I have a Redmi Note 3 Pro SE (kate) phone. I unlocked the bootloader unofficially, because in the official way it stuck a 50%. So i unlocked it unofficially, installed ZCX TWRP, wiped cache, dalvik, data, and when i try to install rom for kate, it freeze for 1-2 sec after the MD5...
  7. zonka

    Permanent Bootloader Unlocked!!

    anyone know how to making Booloader permanentaly Unlocked?? i have many experience flashing via TWRP ZCX from any Cusrom CM/AOSPA to any rom or Miui zip, my device always can't boot to homescreen, even can't enter ZCX.. i must using MiUnlock again to UBL.. using...
  8. X

    Help With Update Rom To Redmi Note 3

    Hello, I have redmi note 3 and I want to update my rom since it have bluetooth issues. I have: Android version: 5.0.2 LRX22G MIUI version: MIUI by 7.1 | stable | 7.1.6(LHNCNCK) CPU: Octa-core2.0 Whats the latest sable version I can update to? Where to get it? Thanks.
  9. zsoltsandor

    Redmi Note 3 Special Edition (kate) In Boot Loop

    Hi there, I got a Redmi Note 3 Special Edition (Kate) as a gift and now it is stuck in boot loop. Things that happened before getting into boot loop: I activated encryption Play Store got frozen Things to consider: Bootloader is locked ADB debug mode was not turned on I am using Linux Now...
  10. monkeytree

    New Poor Battery Life Rmn3 Mtk

    I flashed stable EU ROM (V7.5.1.0.LHNCNDE_v7-5.0) on my RMN3 MTK / Hennessy. After that battery life became pretty bad. On the Chinese stock ROM my phone lasted for two days on a charge easily, now it is less than one day.
  11. monkeytree

    Poor Battery Life Rmn3 Mtk On Eu Rom

    I installed a stable EU ROM (V7.5.1.0.LHNCNDE_v7-5.0) on my RMN3 MTK Hennessy. After that battery life became pretty bad. On the Chinese stock ROM the phone lasted two days on a charge easily , now it is less than one day. Anybody got a solution for this problem?
  12. J

    Rn3 + Android Wear?

    Hi! I have a RN3 MTK with the weekly rom (miui 8). I wanted to know if it's compatible with android wear, because I heard some people had problems with android wear, and I just searched it on this web and I found this thread...
  13. P

    Xiaomi Rom Update Redmi Note 3 Mediatek

    Good morning guys, i succesfully unlocked my bootloader, installed TWRP, and installed the multilang rom... But i have found this one in the tutorial i used... xiaomi.eu_multi_hennessy_6.1.29_v7-5.0 It's fully working and i have already reinstalled my app, enjoing the builded in...
  14. W

    Factory Reset Not Working - Mtk Version

    Hi there, I've got stable V7.3.1.0 and when I want to do a factory reset: go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset - the phone just reboot and doesn't reset any thing Why is that? How I could to do a factory reset? regards, Alex
  15. Monra

    New Crash In Settings "device" Category Short Movie And Log

    Hello i own xiaomi redmi note 3 with newest on it i have that bug for a while about 2 weeks? maybe but now i decided to report it i will attach the movie i recorded to reproduce the bug and the log here is the movie from phone(i can mirror it just point me where i cant add it to...
  16. D

    Redmi Note 3 Doesn't Find Avaliable Wi-fi!

    Hello guys! This very strange thing happened from day to night. Out of nowhere my Redmi Note 3 stopped finding any avaliable networks (wi-fi). Not in my house nor in my university nothing at all! I can use the mobile (cellular) data but I can't use any wi-fi, because it doesn't find any.. It...
  17. Mcrae


    Why does no one fix smart-unlock? It does only work with Mi-band, it should work with location too!
  18. djhh99

    "can't Load Image" Error Changing Background

    Hello everyone, it's been a while since i tried to change the background of the lockscreen of my Redmi note 3 (Mtk 3gb Ram) I tried 2 different roms (One official and one official modded "multilang") When i try to change it from the settings amd either from the gallery pop ups a black screen...
  19. M

    Miui 7.2 Marshmallow

    Hello everyone, I read That MIUI 7.2 for RN3 is based on marshmallow, is true? And if so, can I switch from developer (lollipops) to stable (marshmallow) and vice versa?
  20. G

    Unlock Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Bootloader Instantly

    well i accidently , got his post over internet when i was searching for a unlock bootloader. since i got error at 50% on mi unlock tool . this post works 100% confirmed .. this is at miui india forum...