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  1. isthevene

    Which Is Best Rom?

    Hi everybody :) my girlfriend has a mi4s and she was annoyed by the GPS that wasn't working so I decided to change rom... And here became the problems: battery drain, android.process.acore errors, WhatsApp/telegram not working in background, GPS still not working... I've tried 4 different roms...
  2. Y

    Supersu, Xposed And Weekly Rom : Need Help

    Hi ! I just received my Mi5s Plus :) I'm a novice at roms, root, twrp, and all this kind of stuff. So I followed tutorials to replace the rom initially installed on my phone by the weekly rom for Mi5s Plus (natrium), using fastboot, ADB, and TWRP. I also used TWRP to root my phone, by...
  3. E

    Redmi 3 Pro. Problems With Update

    Hello! Pls help with following. 1 System dose not update via internal service. Screenshots enclosed. It shows - no updates available. As I know there were several updates already. What is the problem? 2 As with enclosed screenshot could you pls write the last version of ROM and the link for...
  4. Prolution

    Will There Be Roms For The Mi Mix?

    Hi, I'm interested if you guys will provide ROM releases for the Mi MIX. In the latest changelog it says under Hungarian language: "no translation for MI5S/Plus/MiNote2/MiMix". Thus, it seems as if there should be a Mi MIX ROM, however the device is not listed in the figure in the weekly...
  5. Alexdiamond33

    [ Tutorial ] How To Easy Unbrick / Flash Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

    Thanks To xiaomi.en for this thread :D Greeting MIUI Lovers and Redmi Note 4 (MTK) Users, This guide can be used on LOCKED and unlocked Bootloaders! Steps for Flashing/Unbrick Redmi Note 4 (MTK): Please be noted I will not take any responsibility for anything happened to your device...
  6. P

    Help: Recovery/twrp Not Working

    Hi fellow Mi-fans, I just bought the new Redmi Pro and wanted to install the global rom for it, using this guide: this forum/threads/6-10-13.35585/ First I installed China developer version Then I unlocked Then I installed TRWP Omega Version Now here is where I am stuck. Whenever I boot...
  7. T

    Need Unlock Bootloader To Upgrade Rom?

    I want upgrade the original chinese rom in my new Xiaomi Redmi note 4 to multilanguage rom (HMNote4 v6.0) . Do I need bootloader unlocked previously?
  8. F

    Need A Step By Step Tutorial With Screenshots To Install Xiaomi Eu Rom On Unlocked Redmi Note 3 Pro

    Hello, I really need your help guys. I have a Xiaomi Note 3 Pro with Snapdragon 650. I have problems with installing the Xiaomi EU ROM. The bootloader of my phone is already official unlocked. The current ROM is the original Chinese/English Does anyone has or knows a real step by step...
  9. X

    Installing Rom On Mi4s (vendor Rom)

    Hi guys, It's my first time here and i have some questions. I have a mi4s running MIUI Global 7.2 | Stable (LAJCNDA) (I think it's a vendor ROM). I have read a lot of posts and everyone told me to install ROM. So i will try to install it, i already have unlock permission...
  10. T

    Problems Updating From 4.12.5

    Phone: MI 2S MUI version: 4.12.5 Android version: 4.1.1 Location: Middle of Europe I've now spent about 5 hours trying to update my phone.. List of the things I tried: I've tried using the Update App, it doesnt do anything when I check for updates and only downloads the 4.12.5 software when...
  11. D

    Official Rom For Mi5 By Xiaomi

    I'm novice to Xiaomi, so sorry for the question... I want to buy MI5 64GB but all the devices I found have a global rom but I want the international version (to have all the language, without the Chinese applications and to get fota updates). 1. One seller told me he can install me official rom...
  12. L

    Trying To Install Stable Rom, Stuck At The Twrp Level

    Hi, I'm new to flashing and all things Android. I have a new Xiaomi Mi4S from China and I would like to install a stable multi ROM. Since I'm new I would like to stay a casual user user (at least for a while) and stick to stable ROMs and OTA updates, if possible. I'm trying to follow the...
  13. chamara madushanka

    I'm New Miui User And Redmi 3 Pro Help Regarding Rom And Unlock

    Hi All , I have recently brought Redmi 3 Pro via popular site and have some question plz help me. First of all I would like to tell you all guys phone is grate I love that UI (MIUI) My quires are below.. 1 .When I unbox and switch on phone at first time then click 7 times on about phone. I...
  14. C

    Redmi 3 Eu Ido Rom Vs En China Rom

    Hi , I'm new member and have small question , recently got Redmi 3 pro , it's running china ROM and i have install google services and play store . I'm ok with china ROM . But would like to move eu ROM if there any advantages other than multi langues support and google services . coz In...
  15. F

    Need Help For Mi4c

    Hello guys, I need your help. First i want to say that I don't have received yet the SMS confirming the unlock permission I asked for the bootloader to be unlock on the official website. 10 days later, I asked on the forum for moderator to submit my application. When i go back on the unlock...
  16. M

    From Weekly To Stable Rom Mi4c

    Good evening guys, I'm new to the forum and wanted to ask you a question. I have a weekly rom ( and i would change with a stable rom. before flashing the ROM I have to wipe and after I can flash the rom or other steps should I do?
  17. Y

    New To Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - Recommend A Rom

    Hello All, This is my first post here, I'm still trying to find my way around :) I've Xiaomi redmi note 3 (MTK), but I'm still new to installing ROMs, would you please suggest a good reliable Multilanguage ROM to update my device ? Thanks in advance.
  18. O

    About Extra(mod) Features

    hi guys. this the first time i installed smiui/ rom 6.3.17 v7_5.0.beta on my redmi note 3 MTK. i saw this rom has some extra features like center clocl, ad blocker etc....but i didnt find any of them. did i miss anything or there has been some changes?
  19. A

    Rom Multilanguage For Mi5

    Hello, When we can have the rom for blobal language (French etc.) for my MI5 64Gb 3D glass white version please ? Thank