In Progress 2.6.8 SGS2 - Almost perfect!


Jan 30, 2011
The only bugs i noticed were the radio notification bar menu not being themed, and also, the swipe bettwen screens is doing a small "jump".

By the way, is there a way to change the default photos folder on the Gallery App? I am saving the photos to the SDCard, so they are not showing on the main screen.

The Gallery App naturally will look in all the sub-folders in the root of the SD Card. So if your have

  • Root
    • Pictures
    • Downloads
    • Images
      • Special
I believe the system will find everything as long as its not more than 3 folders deep. However, I have some pictures that are like 8 folders deep and it finds them. So nevermind.
By main screen i meat the top of the gallery, i have already added the SD folder as favorite but it shows on the bottom.
For me lockscreen doesn't work but i think that this is a kernel problem

Samsung Galaxy S II Powered by CyanogenMod 9 & Miui + Siyah Kernel
I messed with the radio apk. Its not perfect but quick panel controls look better :)

Here is the apk if anyone wants it (SGS2)