3.3.1 (V5)

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Nov 6, 2010
Status: Done.
Hotfix 4 at 18:45 GMT (04/03/2013)


Hotfix updates:
  1. Further fixes for Email.apk (Hotfix 4)
  2. Fix issues in Lock screen code
  3. Fix a LOT of XML typographical errors
  4. Removed none-translatable strings from values-en to eliminate some issues
  5. Fixed FC error in Email.apk
  • You will get Chinese OTA on v5 at some point. This poses a problem! Do not accept any OTA via China. We will provide you with English ROMs here, until the OTA problem is fixed. Otherwise you will OTA to a Chinese release and it will fail to Flash due to SHA-1 signature changes in our modifications
  • Changelog: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/miui-rom-v5-3-3-1-changelog.19727/
  • MI ONE is v4!
Jul 24, 2012
I wonder who else is going to download M2 release and try their hardest to port to their device :D It'll be tough!

Also wtf, M1/S has 3.3.1 on MIUI Development downloads? MIUI4 being kept for M1?
Mar 10, 2012
Im try to port leak v5 to gnex and is very hardest without documentation, xiaomi promises to get "easy" method to port in aosp? Never?
Jan 13, 2013
Be patience, although the chinese version already released (and i'm using it now for my Mi2 :) ), mod here doing a good job to tune up the rom here and there to give the best for us. Don't worry, I believe it will be released here in a few hours.
Jul 24, 2012
ROFL. Classic!

Im try to port leak v5 to gnex and is very hardest without documentation, xiaomi promises to get "easy" method to port in aosp? Never?
MIUI5 only JUST came out dude. After the release MIUI5 for Nexus devices (the only MIUI supported devices that are based on AOSP and not stock ROM), then they will work on it.

Besides, if you have enough skill with smali you can do it yourself without documentation. I am already working on bringing it to Xperia 2011 series, because the M1 *beta* is not due for release until late March. So non-xiaomi devices will have to wait at *least* a month if they don't want to use MI2 as a base to port.

Regardless, redirect your issues to en.miui.com forums - this is not the place to make ungrateful complaints about official things.

EDIT: Chances are they will not even release documentation on porting. They will just make it easier for those of us who know what they are doing. I imagine they will split all the MIUI-specific natives to new static objects, and hopefully release new source code. So if you can't understand and diff smali's, resolve dalvik exceptions, and/or build things from AOSP source; i'd suggest you learn - because holding your breath for Xiaomi to release an "Idiots Guide to porting MIUI5" is a little foolish.

No offence, just sayin'. Don't be so demanding.
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Aug 5, 2011
Seeing as how usually any phones which are posted when an update goes online which are NOT the latest version, are the old ones which aren't going to receive an update, that list is more useful as a list of devices who WON'T be getting V5 officially. Except M1/M2, but they are listed because they have 3.3.1, so my theory is still valid.
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