MIUI 10 8.10.18

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Sep 11, 2016
Hi , has anyone, with a notch variant phone(mi8,se etc) tried android auto with this rom?
Is it working? I have a mi8se with CN stable 10.2 but it doesnt even connect with the car(tried many cables and other solutions) as in most people it conncts but it has two black lines!
Hi, Android Auto is working for me with this version, at least with Spotify and voice commands... BUT with Maps i get the same symptom as you, and eventually get a notification on the car screen that phone is not responding, and needs to be reconnected.
previous build everything worked perfectly.
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Sep 13, 2016
Hi all.... I have an issue im mi mi8... When i put my phone to Charge it gives me 2 sounds.... The normal notification sound and the charging sound...... If i turn off charging g sound it still give me the normal sound.... How can i disable this bug????? I háve to put it to silent mode..... Its the only way i cant hear it
Aug 16, 2018
I use Digital Wellbeing, it is my favourite app. You can add Digital Wellbeing app shortcut on the home screen by installing Pixel Shortcuts app from Play store and then enable related shortcuts (see screenshot below). Also recommend to be beta tester for this app. You can find this option on Play store under Digital Wellbeing scrolling down.

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Thanks a lot, I'm using it as beta user at the moment and I'm looking, how to optimize my wellbeing with the app.
Apr 14, 2017
maybe he means that there is no notification badge at the whatsapp icon, if a message was received..
and on the lockscreen, there is no "user-picture" from whatsapp, and the message is not so good shown as in oreo roms
(if there are multiple messages from the same user)
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