Add Package Italian Language Translation

Feb 5, 2016
I have a " Xiaomi Hongmi RedRice 1s " and I wanted to know if anyone knew how to install the Italian language translation package .
You have a guide and the package to download to install the Italian language , because the ones on the net are all offline.

I also wanted to know if :
1 ) To install the package I need root permissions .
2 ) If installing the package lose the opportunity to continue to make updates to the MIUI system .
3 ) If installing the package I lose all the phone's data .

Thanks in advance to everyone for the help , I hope I have written in the right section
Nov 3, 2014
See here for the translated rom for all xiaomi devices. This isn't a package that include italian translations, it's a full rom. It's impossible to make only an app for translations.

1) You don't need root permissions
2) You won't get official updates from xiaomi but unofficial updates from this site (based on the official). Same updates, just translated.
3) Depends. I suggest a wipe data, but you can try without doing it. If you get errors you should do it. You can also do a backup ;)

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