Big issue on 2.3 MIUI on HD2

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I'm not sure if the MIUI developers team know about this issue on HD2 so I just want to point their attention to this problem.
Main problem is with microphone issue. The latest 1.4.1_2.3 ROM for HD2 having a problem with mic where it is working only when u make/receive a calls. Any other microphone use is impossible so its mean no sound recorded/detected. Example camcorder, Skype, voice commands, voice recorders,...etc.
After flashing the tytung_r9beta kernel this seems to be fixed but there is still issue with video lags when u use camera in camcorder. The video is useless cos is about or les than 10 FPS. First I thought its a kernel related problem so I contacted developer of the kernel and here is the answer -
" Possible sound change is two-way call recording fix is included in r9 beta.
For camcorder, if using H.264 video recording, you may have laggy video.
You need to switch to H.263 format. (Need to replace some .so files in ROM. Please contact ROM developer to fix it.) "

So maybe u (developers) guys can have a look on this issue when u have a chance or give some advice.

And at last there is an issue with the lags in settings menu where movement is not really smooth like it use to be in froyo releases.

Thanks for your time and help