CABL settings (save battery?)

May 11, 2013
Hi, CABL are Content Adaptative BackLight and it's a hidden service in our Xiaomi ROMs. When you start it, for example with Holo Launcher, you can see a menu where you can choose 3 different power levels; from 0 to 2, and the lower the value, the less battery usage but it can cause the screen to be dimmer than usual.

By default it is 2 and I changed it to 0; I haven't see any diference in terms of dimmer but neither in terms of battery life (not confirmed as it may be not much noticeable). I wonder if maybe this service is not enabled in our phones (there's also a line in build.prop) or what could be the best balanced settings
Jan 14, 2013
Many Qualcom phones seems to have this service, maybe other phones got these settings tweaked already?
Did you notice any differences since you switched the numbers?

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