Desire rebboting itself - after that home button function does nothing


Jan 28, 2011
Hi Bro's

I have a question (this happens me by 1.2.11 D2W, too). My Desire was charging by my laptop via USB. Once I heared a rebooting. After that I saw, that battery was by 100 %.
But my home button hasn't after this no funktion - it did nothing. I rebooted it manually again, after this all my apps are gone - nothing was there and home button still had no function. So last way was full wipe, cause after nandroid the same error with home button.

How or what could be the reason - does someone has same experience?
Same thing happened to me twice with the latest MIUI. In addition, I lost the lost the lockscreen functionality too.
sounds like a bad dalvik cache, are you running it off SD Card or Native?