New Frozen Widgets On Mi Note Lte (virgo)

Apr 30, 2015
From 5.4.17 (and earlier) to actual update 5.5.15

I install the roms with a full wipe, install the rom, and clean cache before rebooting.

Widgets I use: Amber Weather & Power Toggles.

Widgets get randomly Graphically frozen. They respond to touches though, but are graphically frozen: If there's a clock, clock stays on the hour it froze. Yet you still can access to the weather app. Same for power toggles. Even if i enable wifi, Widget icon appears to be disabled. Last time it happened on midnight (not using the phone at all) since clock is right now locked at 5AM.

They work for 5 to a whole day, then they freeze, until I reboot.

As suggested on a forum, in security, I make sure I enable "auto start" on both of the apps.

EDIT: Builtin MIUI widgets DO work properly (music player, clocks etc). But any 3rd party widget will stop working after the bug happens (until phone is restarted).
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