Help, can't update RTC of my Mi2S so it went back to 1970 after every shutdown.

Sep 10, 2013
EDIT: I'm temporary using a workaround and it works pretty fine, and I think it will continue work as long as my RTC clock keeps running...


Recently I've noticed that my Mi2S can't remember the time goes back to 1970 after shutdown (even if I don't pull the battery)

I installed busybox and used hwclock -r, shows:
Sun Jan 4 15:25:49 1970 0.000000 seconds

And use date to check my local time (updated via network)
Tue May 6 16:54:11 CST 2014

But when I try to correct hwclock by using hwclock -w, I got this error:
hwclock : RTC_SET_TIME: Invalid argument

I can confirm that the hardware clock is running (the first time I noticed it was Jan 2 1970, and I do can see it running by using hwclock -r, it remains running between shutdown/reboots)

I've tried to use hwclock -w on different roms (ivan's AOSP, m1cha's CM11, even using aromafm's build in console in CWM) and they all tells me the same error message.

What can I do to correct the time? It's really annoying since I'll receive a bunch of error message from Google Service during each boot because I'm back in 1970, and it takes a minute or two for my phone to sync time from network.
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