[help] Installing Mibox Firmware On Another Tv Box

Jan 12, 2016
So basically I bought an Inphic i9 TV BOX from China a few months back.
However they have since placed an IP block and I am no longer able to view, download or watch apps and tv series.

I believe it is possible to change the IP address on a miboxOS (Xiaomi 3) to bypass this restriction.
However the Inphic i9 which I believe uses the YunOS doesn't have an IP change option, but only a VPN option. VPN's would be way to slow, plus I would need to pay per month for a vpn server.

My Question is, is it possible to install the miboxOS on an Inphic I9, both OS are Android.
(I am only desperate in doing this as the Inphic i9 is not very popular and does not have a fan base behind it, meaning no mods, jailbreaks, guides etc that I could find.

The Inphic I9 has the following Specs.
CPU: ARM Quad-Core Corex A7 CPU
2160p Video Dcoding, H.264 1080p@30fps video encoding
HDMI 1080p@30fps output
HawkView ISP Integrated.

If this is possible, is anyone able to explain HOW?