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Japp, going back to 1.0.8 will end in a bootloop.. yay.. it took me 3 weeks to get everything in order and running, now a simple update has killed it? Any Clues anyone?

Okay I managed to get out of the bootloop by updating again to 1.0.9 but now I have a device without any connectivity.. it says no sim and i dont have wifi, bluetooth works fine, I can even see my networks.. but not connect.. using the formerly working modenfirmware from 1.0.8 has no difference..

After flash it softs reboot like 5-6 times, then it settles and remains stable all apps are working, no crashes, i wonder if reset network will help but will this delete my saved networks?

Help is appreciated, does any other aurora update fine?
Also Phone is getting quite hot while laying idle, Android System kills the battery ;(

Chrome is crashing with OOM.. ahhhh

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Did you check if the MIUI14 previous "Settings / Sound & Touch / Sound Effects / < Dolby Effects, Mi Sound and Earphone Controls >" features still present in the current HyperOS (A13) for Poco F3 (Alioth)?

Could you please share your screenshot of it?
Poco F3 on Xiaomi.EU HyperOS

Some bugs from Xiaomi: Microsoft Teams not working and certain apps like APK Analyzer does not see any apps installed in phone.

Bugs from Xiaomi.EU (assumed): Mail app notification is in Chinese characters.


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Has anyone found a changelog for AURORA_OS1.0.9.0.UNACNXM_14.zip ?
This website is good for checking changelogs:

This is the changelog for the version you asked (google translated): watch pinned picture


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So you didn't face any issues during update?

No special treatment like different modem?

So only my phone is affected?


Sent from my Mi 11 Ultra.
I also use Xiaomi 14 Ultra china device, updated to latest AURORA_OS1.0.9.0.UNACNXM_14 , no issues, all working perfect.
Dang, thx, my device is global, I try a 5th time then...

Nope, issue persists, MD5 and Sha1 are correct so its the right rom.. Can someone provide the modemfirmware.img from global?

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Sometimes I don't get sound on notifications, I thought it was exclusively for WhatsApp groups chat, but I just noticed it happens for emails or telegram n individual chats too.
The thing is that I get the visual notification, but not the sound. I double checked the apps notification settings, they're all fine. I tried disabling and enabling them again, but still happens.

Using a redmi note 13 pro 5g.

Same problem with Redmi Note 13 4G ( Sapphiren)

Also voicecalls problem, the other person after some call time, ~1 minute or so, starts to sound like robot voice / voice starts cutting off
You too, or did you a clean flash?

It is an idea to flash first global stock rom and after that 1.0.8 xiaomi.eu or 1.0.9 xiaomi.eu?
I was on the Rom for 3 weeks, no root nothing, then I just updated.. Now I can't even go back to 1.0.8, I can't imagine I'm the only one..

Sent from my Mi 11 Ultra.
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I dont flash the new version, i am fearful.
Xiaomi 14 ultra, global version, Xiaomi 1.0.8
I have the 14 ultra global version and today I will unlock the bootloader in order to pass the eu rom, are there any problems to upgrade?
"Careful with Aurora, the reuploaded rom has issues too, phone boots but there is no wifi or mobile data! I try to reflash.."

In my case everything is fine (CN version). And I would say even better than 1.0.8: floating notifications, changing of display orientation after rotation etc. work better and smoother.
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