New Known Issues 2.3.30


Dec 3, 2011
Dear Mark,

We all know and understand the below mentioned known issues but we all (as community) is expecting a solution. Appreciate if solution can be provided ASAP.

Known issues in 2.3.30
  1. 2G/3G data toggle when switched off is sometimes switching itself back on
  2. Downloading from Google Play store on SGS2 for some apps will not install (try unmount of internal storage and also clear Market data)
  3. About phone on SGS2 FC when selected via Settings
  4. Number attribution issues with Phone contacts and Messaging, contact with +0957 and 057 does not show same contact name
  5. GNEX Launcher lag issues
  6. SGS2 SystemUI FC randomly for some users
  7. SGS2 unable to move apps in some cases
I want ask about privacy why we cannot hide applications from launche like GB. sorry for podting here.