Le Frog OS5 For millet 2/2S (Android v 4.1.1) 2nd Update 01-11-2013

Jun 6, 2013
Le Frog OS5 For Xiaomi 2/2S world premiere! ! !
Basic Information
rom name
Le Frog OS5 For millet 2/2S
Android version
Based versions
Test models
Millet 2
Fit models
Millet 2, millet 2S
Release date
ROM makers
@ Little Prince Sean
Forum Support
http://bbs.xiaomi.cn consciously reproduced please indicate the source!
BUG Submit
Sina microblogging: @ Little Prince Sean

Update log : 01-11-2013
Le Frog OS5 For millet 2/2S 13.11.01 Version update log:

1, repair, auto brightness problem.
2, repair status bar speed and percentage charged and the time is too large font display problems.
3, repair weather locate the problem.

Password: b1cx

Update log

Le Frog OS5 For millet 2/2S 1027 version update log:
a repair call interface is the primary issue.
2, repair, auto brightness FC restart problem.
3, the test everyday sounds, street street, Baidu video, Reading enriches the mind, the Almighty camera, no problem.
4, remove some native applications.
5, fix positions.
6, the repair can not change the lock screen wallpaper issue.
7, the majority of students should oil requirements, delete start-up tone, not afraid of inexplicable rang Yo.
PS: Telecom users try resetting Internet APN again. If there are no local music music, please wait patiently media scan is finished or reboot and try again.

Known Issues
1, no.

A. Oil Q
One, so why not use the latest 4.2.2 or 4.3 to make it?

A: Because the music is based on 4.1 frog is currently produced, about a month after release based on 4.2 made, and I will update with.

2, Telecom version can do?

A: Theoretically it is possible, because it is based on the official original package and baseband, etc. Oil feedback.

http://pan.baidu.com/s/102OQm password : 516a

ROM Description:
1, the use of third-party Recovery brush into the can. Click on the specific steps behind.Click to download

2, yet found fatal problem, WIFI, call, 3G Internet, photography, radio, etc. can be used.

3, the system Bug please refer to the official website announcement. I entered

4, the official oil Niece discussion groups: 197,385,295

Update log:
1, the first release.

Download :

Source :

I am not the developer of this ROM. pls refer to the source for more info.... Thanks in advance.
To tell you about this ROM, it is one of the best ROM for lower end models with average hardware configuration.... in those mobiles this ROM runs like a rocket. I hope once we have a stable release from Sheep ( Dev !) it will surely rock
Also , this ROM is based on MIUI & Android v4.1.1

I hope you enjoy this Initial release & give proper credit to the developer....

I was waiting for this ROM since long time.... I am definitely going to try this...
You can also do the same & share your experiences here.... Happy Flashing !
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Jun 6, 2013
True.... unnecessarily it keeps rebooting.
I advice you all to wait till they release stable version.
Sorry for posting an unstable version, before trying it.
Will be back with more stable version...Till then you can try cofface's latest 4.3.1 version released yesterday. (19th October)
i have updated the download link.... check it guys.
Oct 29, 2012
please support this rom..is very beauty
I noticed a system reboot with automatic light sensor permanently
even watching the video restarts the terminal but not permanently.....
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Jun 6, 2013
even their Market speed is so so slow... it is painful to download & apply themes also !
I think they should host their files on a faster servers.... too shame..
Other than that no bugs so far... i am liking it.
Aug 21, 2013
found a bug. reboot when i set the backlight to auto, and will cause bootloop.
i have to enter recovery mode and wipe data first before it can runs normally again.
Jun 6, 2013
I am using Baidu ROM at present. I am sorry to say this i may not be that useful for your problems.
I think Baidu have fixed almost all bugs... You got to try this build no37 of Baidu latest release 31-10-2013.