Mi5s Miui Is Out

Miui.com released V9.2.2.0.NAGCNEK for mi5s :)
Guess we'll get the .eu version soon


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And me oreo for mi5.
But spideman3 is everywhere and he sees you all. Worms ευρω-παιοι.

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Okay so I've got 9.2.2 stable installed now (was on 9.1.1).
Things I've noticed so far are I don't get double notifications any more yay and my volte doesn't work anymore (says unsupported) - I don't mind this at all as calls would cut out regularly using volte before.
So...no problems with the update ha? Everything seem to work?
I plugged the phone and waiting to charge...looking forward to proceed with the update. :)
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Just updated 9.2.2 too, they added mi helper (additional page on the left like google now) disabled it in options and everything is fine again, no bugs so far.
I don't know if here is a right place to address my topic:
On my Mi 5s Plus with China Stable Rom 9.2.1 Android Pay stop to work - it worked before, im not sure if it stops when there was upgrade of SW or for some other reason.
SafetyNet shows CTS profile match: fail
Mi Unlock status is locked and USB debugging is off (same for all developers option).
Does anyone know about such issue or where I can address such ?
Thank you!