Release MIUI 2.5.18 Multi-lang ROM [EN/CN/IT/PL/NL]

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Nov 6, 2010
A new version has been posted!

Hi everyone,

This week we've got a nice addition to our builds. We are working with translation sites e.g. miui nl, miui poland, miui italy to bring you a combined multi-language ROM.

We are hoping to recruit other language translators. If you are interested in helping add more languages to the ROM give us a shout :)

MULTI LANG ROM DOWNLOADS + TRANSLATOR CREDITS: Thanks to Acid (Polish), Kees-Jan (Dutch), Mish (Italian), Xiaomi (Chinese), MarkHUK (English)


088690952feda95001208f1ecbd983ee (Nexus S)
23e35a73a00862d776e744390cc0573d (HTC One X)
f7c9f82226c3283d2cbdce229c70f0aa (Samsung Galaxy S2)
4219af7ae00bef203d2cc22843a6fae5 (Huwaei U8800 / Honor)
189b6d7489e517f22f65e62c93f8a134 (Sony Xperia Arc S)
b613270be5a9a395614e749bf48db954 (Galaxy Nexus GSM)
191fded6122a93f61df0a8f1700aec2b (HTC Sensation)
41940609cea21b21aca765701301f58b (Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus)
Multi-lang Downloads:


Thanks to our Mirror Providers: Magentium IT Services, Link2Caro and Celogeek! without them we couldn\'t make file hosting this easy. We thank them all 100%

TEST STATUS: Untested for all langs please provide bug feedback and state the language you have issue(s) with please.
OK MarkHUK . what about RTL languages, are you support on next release . to start translate to Arabic language .
stuck at xiaomi boot logo on my HTC Sensation... I`ll try non multilang version now..


edit : non multilanguage version works fine for my sensation...
I'm using the default weekly Miui Sensation rom for a long time now, and it's always been in Dutch... What's new in this version?
Hello there, guys. Nice ROM - just as usual.
By the way, I couldn't notice that you still don't have enough translators. Do you need some russian ones?))
Well, I'd willingly help you with all that stuff. The only thing is that I don't know how :)
Spanish language would be great, if you can include it, do it please

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Spanish language would be great, if you can include it, do it please

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The creators of the Spanish translation, did not want to be part of this. I'd talk to them about getting permission :p
I can help with Danish, if that has any interest. Do we have some old danish translations I could start out from?
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Can I translate it into swedish? And is it a lot of work to translate? :/
BTW will the apps be shown in swedish if I translate it into Swedish?
MIUI v4 was suppose to have better Arabic support, but I don't think anyone has tested it.

I mean merge the Arabic language files and string in the next release
and where can i find the last English translation files to begin translation for Arabic language .
p.s : i was translate and compile setting and some apk like browser but i find some bug.

And I want to help in the translation of the Arabic language .
To all wanting to contribute languages. I'm busy writing documentation for this. It is very detailed and will be done soon. We then will provide documentation to anyone. Along with private GIT repos to manage your translations.
Yeah ! this is getting better & better . The only thing I'm missing now In MIUIANDROID version is the 3-way ( 4-way ) power menu .

Many Thanks Mark & Team .
For me on Sgs2 lockscreen does not work.....also if i set a pwd i can't write this..... when i press ani hw button my phone whakes up immediatly

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