Changelog MIUI ROM 2.2.17 Changelog [ICS]

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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

This weeks changelog is as follows:

  • Add support for off-screen special effect transitions (Mi-one only)
  • Repair setting the mi-key to lockscreen wake does not take effect (Mi-one only)
  • Repair the notification bar to select the 2G/3G network switch leads to FC
  • Optimise when users choose to use only 3G operators, does not support an increase prompted
  • Optimise deleted CDMA 2G mode (CDMA there is no 2G)
  • Fix problem with network settings causes FC in some cases
  • Repair call forwarding prompt style
  • Repair can't use Bluetooth headset
  • Repair the headset, Press to hangup does not respond
  • Fix redial FC issue
  • Remove non-CDMA phones and CDMA related options
  • New edit contact interface supports multi-account editing
  • Optimisation of the contact details page style
  • Optimisation of the contact cross-screen interface, a new rapid slide prompt / panel style
  • Optimise the search for contact, new contact and will automatically enter the contact name in the interface
  • Repair SIM card contacts cannot store Chinese names
  • New group information will also appear in the session and single person session
  • Optimise SMS select contact, horizontal screen switch does not re-query
  • Repair frequently sent messages icon will appear in the SIM card messages in some cases
[Lockscreen, status bar and notifications]
  • Fix in some cases, clicking the status bar data toggle, the response is slow or often unresponsive
  • Repair notification bar simple mode, adjust the toggle style and then the dropdown status bar becomes blank
  • Added shortcut to disable hardway keys (Bottom of phone)
  • Repair press menu to unlock
[Desktop / Launcher]
  • Added support for three-finger "pinch" gesture, quicker access to the multi-screen editing mode
  • Optimisation refers to "pinch" gesture to enter multi-screen editing mode
  • Repair variety clock / photo frame widget support problems
  • Optimisation changing the local theme style is currently in use
  • Repair of third-party applications to modify ringtones does not take effect
  • Fix problem when viewing a photo and long press menu and power button leads to FC (Mi-one only)
  • Added support for boot up music
  • Optimise the new version of the Music application UI
  • Optimisation to modify the music settings style
[Backup manager]
  • Repair data recovery in some cases, the contact group is empty after recovery
[File Manager]
  • Optimise File Manager to remember last location in the file browser when exiting and reloading the application
  • Optimise the Browse page to support horizontal screen mode
  • Fix problem under category pages, certain file types when selecting a single file will delete all files of the same type
  • Repair support for the Browser UA (User-Agent) to set mi-one phone (See browser settings)
i've installed the 2.2.3 miui..n how i want to update to me? i'm kind of new to here..
not sure here myself , but don't think you can update it to 2.2.17 :( So, might as well flash it to 2.2.17 instead :D
Please don't slap me for asking... does this work for I997(Infuse)? I miss this MIUI
OK, you know I am asking about v2.2.17, right?

Yes, we don't have an Infuse build of any version. There are plenty of unofficial ones around the web though. With over 800 installs in MIUIStats, someone used our ROM base out there and it seems to be working.
Thanks for the update!

Calender is force closing on this one, and sometimes when reboot/power on my phone i get an error saying "The phone UI has stopped working - Wait, report, close"
whers is the download link to the latest version of Miui the one that i downloaded had a glitch, the phone wouldnt answer incoming calls.
whers is the download link to the latest version of Miui the one that i downloaded had a glitch, the phone wouldnt answer incoming calls.

Just need to click on the 'Roms' tab at the top of the site :)


which one should i download i currently have mikfroyo black and blue i think?
Not currently supported here. Evo 4G port is being tested but we dont have the device so are dependent on developer tests
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