Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.24 Changelog [ICS & JB]

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Nov 6, 2010
  • ZTE U970 (GrandX)
  • New support for Shutdown alarm clock
  • New LT18i base upgrade to 4.1.B.0.587
  • Fix incorrect name for network and some other network problems
  • Optimisation of the application installation interface
  • Optimisation of the desktop permanent memory, to avoid Desktop automatically exiting memory
  • Fix setting call forwarding, press the Backspace key will repeat the last settings
  • Fix call recording issues
  • Fix telephone number is too long will cause FC error
  • Fix some device hardware lib issues
  • Fix large font mode, vertical zoned answer are does not display correctly
  • Remove a CDMA phone setting for fixed dialing
  • Optimise large-font mode, contacts, call history display
  • Optimise large font mode, add a desktop shortcut for a contact
  • Fix problem unable to delete USIM card contacts
  • Optimise favorite contacts ordering by alphabetical a-z or z-a functionality
  • Fix airplane mode, you cannot add new SIM card contacts
  • Fix when deleting account, the account list page wil now refresh
  • Fix problem when you cannot import contacts vcard (HTC Sensation)
  • Fix "Show SIM contacts" switch is turned on, but on boot is not displayed in SIM card contacts
  • Fix SIM card account under displaying new contacts on the SIM card, contact list does not update
  • Fix QQ contacts, when deleted from SMS session, will still displayed in the system SMS
  • New MiHome Free (Launcher)
  • Support for folder multiple selection (select the application folder that is generated can batch edit to increase or decrease the application folder)
  • New MiHome Free menu items, including desktop default layout restore and exit free desktop mode
  • Support added for quick preview of theme wallpaper, press preview to see a quick view of how it will look on your desktop
[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
  • New distance sensor to prevent misuse (eg, mobile phone in your pocket making accidental calls)
  • Fix Variety lock screen time components use different widths, components will show incomplete or not centered
  • Added support to set picture as the desktop and/or lock screen wallpaper
  • Optimisation to enhance the gallery switching between Home / Album list page / picture list page loading speed
  • Optimisation to improve in some cases picture decoding success rate
  • Fix phone 480 * 800 resolution, online MiCloud album folders show half the image
  • Fix browsing pictures, when sliding between left to right created a jitter effect
  • The desktop widget, fix in some cases, the animation shows only half
  • Layout optimisation and adjustment for folder and album pages
  • Page layout optimisation for 720P devices
  • "Play up" optimise adjustment algorithm
  • Fix in some cases, local songs being played are always displayed in buffering... state
[File Manager]
  • Fix problems opening file manager leads immediately to exit and other FC errors
  • Fix when SD card is inserted, the Browse page will be updated
  • Fix cannot move or copy files between internal / external SD card or MiDrive
  • Fix browsing folders when attempting to use ZIP compression
  • Repair return to list jitter problems
  • Fix when opening the next level directory, the list is does not refresh causing some problems
  • Fix refresh of page, the list jumps to the top
  • Added support for reading list folder to delete bookmarks
  • Images in third party applications will now provide option to send image to notes application
  • New grid view, view in traditional list of side-by-side (Grid view), changeable via Settings menu option
  • New video vertical screen playback mode
  • Optimise display effect when dragging the progress bar in the video player
  • Optimised video playback when screen brightness setting is adjusted, playback will automatically restore the system brightness settings
  • Fix in 800 * 480 and 960 * 540 resolutions, video playback progress bar UI display dislocation problems
Great update as usual :D
would you please try to fix the whatsapp ringtone bug :(
I contacted whatsapp and they consider your ROMs as "unofficial" and they refused to provide support from their side
and btw this problem also exists in battery indicator pro app ..
and this problem didnt exist on the official 3.6 or the ported 4.0 sense ICS builds

please look into it cuz its really annoying for me to mix up notifications in whatsapp (I use a different tone for every contact)
OMG, you guys fixed every problem I noticed and a lot I didn't even know to exist. Thanks a lot, MIUI developers team rocks.

Sent from another Nexus
Nice work once again...
Is the new Jelly Bean camera app and functions on these release?
Last build camera app crashed a lot on my Galaxy Nexus.
Hey,Mark great job with MIUI

I want to ask about two features I miss for a long time
1. Phone: pressing and hold numbers from 1-9 making quick call to contact assigned earlier
2. Answering incoming call with home button

It would be nice to consider implement this two features.

Greets from Poland

Wysyłane z mojego GT-I9100 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
Ah and what about the crt off animation for nexus s? In Android JB it was eliminated, but other rom, for example cyano, has this's too beautiful, can you port it?
what about whatsapp notification settings? or am i missing some thing in this lovely ROM ?
Any word of when we can change theme fonts?..... I am led to believe some already can, but on my Razr XT910 I still can't change fonts!
That its delayed every week without much details.

Thanks for your answer. I really dont know why they are delaying. May be it is because of the brick problem of this phone. I am not sure but there is alot of roms which people is installing without problems. So it is possible to get rid of this. I hope they are going to relase an offical MIUI soon for N7000.
Ah and what about the crt off animation for nexus s? In Android JB it was eliminated, but other rom, for example cyano, has this's too beautiful, can you port it?
Why port it if this feature already exist in MIUI from begining, and it works on ICS and Jelly Bean.
Is there a menu to tweak the call recording settings? I'm asking 'cause I can only hear my voice on recordings.

Sent from another Nexus
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