MIUI ROM V4.0 ICS Changelog 2.1.13

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    Changelog of MIUI 2.1.13 (4.0)

    Added Support of guest mode
    Added support of clearing data in contact setting
    Optimised the efficiency of the desktop slide to improve fluency

    Added Support of guest mode

    Added support for custom default attribution to a contact number
    Optimization to improve re-dial call performance
    Fix in some cases call recording problems which leads to FC issue.

    Optimization to import vCard contacts in background
    Optimization of contact search box to increase the number of possible contact choice
    Optimization of a single account, the contact list above shows the current fixed number of contacts
    Optimization of the contact interface of a number saved in multiple contacts
    Optimization of the special identification of SIM card contacts avatars
    Removed the SIM card contact is not allowed to set ringtones and Favorite

    [Lockscreen, Notifications and Status bar]
    Optimization of overall efficiency of the lockscreen
    Optimization to improve the notification bar background color, compatible with notifications in android2.3
    Optimization of the setting interface of layout of the notification bar
    Fixed in some cases when switching notification bar style, the progress bar does not disappear
    Fixed the status bar flashing problem when there is update notice while dropping down the notification bar

    Optimization of animations of dragging desktop widgets or icons in editing mode
    Optimized the efficiency of the desktop slide to improve fluency
    Optimized to prevent the new Market automatically creating a shortcut on the desktop
    Fixed inaccurate touch spot in editing mode
    Fixed opening the folder causes title to disappear

    Added support for backup of digital lock screen, pattern password
    Optimization of the backup process, restoring of apps and desktop layout problems
    Optimized to support the backup of lockscreen password
    Fixed incomplete account restoration

    [File Manager]
    Optimized the interface style to follow MIUI V4 specification

    [Download Manager]
    Optimized show all downloads asks
    Optimized if system enters the state of the lock screen during downloading, lock WiFi to avoid sleep

    Thanks to Mark for translation.

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